February 18, 2014 - Scheduled Monthly Meeting


Southern Police Commission
Monthly Meeting
February 18, 2014


A public meeting of the Southern Police Commission was held on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the New Freedom Borough Council Chambers, 49 East High Street, New Freedom PA 17349.  The regularly scheduled meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather. 

Those present: Chairman John Trout, Commissioner William Gemmill, Commissioner Peter Schnabel, Commissioner Jeff Halapin, Commissioner Richard Buchanan, Commissioner Bonner Smith, Chief James Boddington and Solicitor Peter Ruth.  Alternate Ann Merrick was sitting in for Commissioner Rollin Apgar.

Not present:  Commissioner Rollin Apgar and Commissioner Brady Terrell.


Chairman John Trout called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with the pledge of allegiance to the flag and a moment of silence for all police officers, firefighters and EMT�s who were killed in the line of duty.


No comments.


Detective Teague, who is the Union representative, explained that the IAMAW no longer represents police departments.  There is a process that the officers must go through with the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board in order to join the York County FOP.  Attorneys from the PA Labor Relations Board and the FOP are scheduled to have a phone conference on Thursday to iron out the details.  Once this is completed and they are granted approval then the Commission and the officers can start contract negotiations.


Chairman John Trout asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the January 8, 2014 meeting.  After reviewing the minutes, Commissioner Richard Buchanan made a motion to approve the minutes as presented, seconded by Commissioner Jeff Halapin.  Motion carried.   


Commissioner Richard Buchanan explained that the Police Supplies were high because of the purchase of lockers and stop sticks. 

After members reviewed the expenditures from January, Commissioner Richard Buchanan made a motion to approve checks 8948 through 8984 with expenditures totaling $169,502.38.  Commissioner Bonner Smith seconded that motion, motion carried.  


Chairman John Trout announced that there will be an executive session later to discuss some personnel issues.  He also reminded members of the special committees that he formed at the last meeting to make sure that they schedule meetings and follow up on items that are on the Issue Control and Tracking Document.  He also reminded the Insurance/Pension Committee to schedule a meeting in the near future so that the Pension issue can be dealt with before the end of March.


Chief Boddington reported that during the month of December officers responded to 131 calls in Shrewsbury Borough, 100 in New Freedom Borough, 7 calls at the Southern York County School District, 57 calls in Glen Rock Borough, 5 calls in Railroad Borough, 16 calls in Loganville Borough and 11 calls outside the department�s jurisdiction.  

Chief Boddington reported that during the month of December 236.58 hours were spent in Shrewsbury Borough, 292.83 hours were spent in New Freedom Borough, 60.17 hours were spent in the Southern York County School District, 163.97 hours were spent in Glen Rock Borough, 2.37 hours in Railroad Borough, 17.28 hours in Loganville Borough and 32.27 hours outside the department�s jurisdiction.  970.28 hours were entered as other time.

Chief Boddington reported that we are approximately six weeks into the new year and the officers are still learning the areas which is why fuel usage is high.  The officers worked very hard during the recent snow storms and that everything is going well.  Officer Blais is FTO to Officer Fishel and he is doing a great job. 

Chief Boddington reported that in November at the Sunoco located in Stewartstown an elderly gentleman was assaulted by Eric Tereo.  He was identified after officers reviewed surveillance video and a warrant was issued for his arrest.  He is believed to be in Delaware and after speaking with the District Attorneys� Office they have agreed to extradite him. 

Detective Shafer is investigating the death of a New Freedom teenager which occurred last week.

Chief Boddington stated the department would like to standardize the guns that the officers are using.  Stewartstown Officers are currently using Glocks and the Southern Regional Police Officers are using Springfields.  Some of the Southern Regional Police Officers� weapons need to have three springs replaced at a cost of $200.00 per gun and some of the Stewartstown Officers� Glocks are also in need of repairs.  Sergeant Smuck sold some police equipment and with that money he would like to purchase new Glocks for every officer.  With the money from the sale of the equipment and the trade in value of the current guns this will give the department enough money to purchase new guns for the officers.  Detective Teague explained that 95% of officers throughout York County carry Glocks and accessories for the Springfields are hard to obtain.  The money received from the sale of the equipment will also cover the purchase of holsters for the Glocks.  After some discussion Commissioner Bonner Smith made a motion to approve the purchase of new Glocks and holsters for the officers, seconded by Commissioner William Gemmill.  Motion carried.



Administrative Assistant Miller reported that she is in the process of completing form AG-385 from the Auditor General.  This is for Municipal Pensions and Fire Relief Programs which is based on 2013�s payroll.  This must be filled out in order for the boroughs to receive the State Aid for the Officers� pension.  She also reminded everyone that the Pension Committee should meet in the near future to find out what steps must be taken in order consolidate both pensions.  She suggested that this be completed as soon as possible so that she can complete the quarterly reports which are due at the end of March.


Commissioner Peter Schnabel reported that the personnel committee has met several times.  They are still working on the Non-Civil Service Employee handbook and civilian job descriptions.  They also discussed doing annual employee reviews and developing a Substance Abuse Policy which Attorney Pratt is currently working on.  The SPC By-Laws also need to be updated in order to reflect the addition of Stewartstown Borough.  They also discussed creating a new part-time position for a Financial Administrator and to start contract negotiations. 


Commissioner Peter Schnabel asked if Nathan Kirschman is still looking into the GPS tracking for vehicles.

Commission William Gemmill asked if the scanner/copier/fax machine which is located in the Stewartstown Police Department was included in the inventory of the equipment.  The reason he asked was because Stewartstown Borough was interested in taking it if it was not included.  After some discussion it was determined that it was included in the inventory.  Stewartstown is also in the process of redoing their phone system which will only have one land line into the police department and all incoming calls will be forwarded to the Southern Regional Police Department.  They are also going to re-letter the front door.


Commissioner Richard Buchanan reported that Administrative Miller is in the process of moving all bank accounts to Peoples Bank. 

Management salary is high due to Sergeant Smuck�s overtime and there were three payrolls in the month of January.


Uniforms � New are over budget due to the hiring of Officer Fishel.

Repair and Maintenance � is high due to renewal of contracts


Attorney Peter Ruth is working on an agreement between Shrewsbury Township and Southern Regional Police Department in regards to the installation of traffic cameras on poles located in the township.  The cameras are being installed at no cost to the department on poles located in the township. In the agreement they originally would have to give the department 24 hour written notice to remove them.  After some discussion the commission asked Attorney Ruth to change the wording to a 2 business day written notice.  Attorney Ruth will circulate the Agreement for all members to review before final approval.  Commission Richard Buchanan made a motion to adopt the agreement after the change is made and the solicitor gives his final approval.  Commissioner Bonner Smith seconded the motion, motion carried.

Solicitor Ruth reported that Delta Borough, Fawn Grove Borough, Fawn Grove Township, Hopewell Township, East Hopewell Township and Peach Bottom Township are working on agreements with South Eastern School District to allow Southern Regional Police Department to cover the school district.

Winterstown Borough is eager to get a new contract once the current one expires on April 1st.

The Red Lion School District has responded back regarding Winterstown Elementary School.  They stated that the police department must follow the Memorandum of Understanding which outlines the Safe School Act.  Socilitor Ruth asked who is responsible for compensating the police department if a major incident occurs at the school would it be the school district or Winterstown Borough.  After some discussion he thought that Winterstown Borough would be responsible for compensation.


An executive session started at 8:06 p.m. and ended at 9:05 p.m.


Commissioner Jeff Halapin asked if Commissioner Brady Terrell has given the Commission a copy of the Lease Agreement he talked about at the last meeting.  No Lease Agreement has been presented at this time.


Commissioner Jeff Halapin made a motion based on Chief Boddington�s management plan to authorize him to start the testing procedure for an additional Sergeant�s position, seconded by Commissioner Peter Schnabel.  Motion carried.


Chairman John Trout asked for a motion to adjourn.  Commissioner Jeff Halapin made a motion to adjourn at 9:08 p.m., seconded by Commissioner Bonner Smith.  Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted and recorded by

Patricia Ann Miller

Administrative Assistant